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AutoTrak Data Management
By OCCU-TEC. A series of custom database programs designed to assist clients in evaluating their risk and improve their safety and environmental processes. Helps manage data on asbestos, lead, indoor air quality/mold, PPE, confined spaces, machine guarding, ergonomics hazards, employee training, and environmental site assessments.

e-Office Safety
By ErgoSystems WMB . e-Office Safety Application Version consists of two main components - the User Module and the Office Manager. The program contains the guidance and advice of eminent experts in the field to deal with the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regs. The User Module first carries out a DSE Assessment of the workstation by asking the user questions about the user's DSE. Where problems are identified the program offers training and more in-depth questions about areas of ergonomic concern to the individual, bringing the workstation into line with DSE Regulations. And at the end of the assessment, a training sheet is produced, serving as a reminder for the employee and a record for the employer.

ErgoEquations Online Ergonomic Tools: Office Solutions
By ErgoEquations / ErgoTrack.com. ErgoEquations Office Solutions provides results-oriented ergonomic applications on the web. The online application “Fit Your Computer Workstation” was created to focus on correcting workstation layout and fitting problems that may be driving poor work postures and perhaps contributing to injuries for employees using computers. It is solution-oriented: the output provides specific recommendations for component placement to reduce discomfort and risk of injury. It can be used ad hoc or as a supportive training tool within a comprehensive ergonomic program. Use it for: employee training, ergonomic analysis, ergonomic program documentation and planning, or creating your ergonomics program.

ErgoEquations Online Ergonomic Tools: Workplace Solutions
By ErgoEquations / ErgoTrack.com. ErgoEquations Workplace Solutions provides results-oriented ergonomic applications on the web. The online application “Fit Your Industrial Workstation” was created to focus on correcting workstation layout problems that may be driving poor work postures and perhaps contributing to injuries for both seated or standing positions. It is solution-oriented: the output provides specific recommendations for component placement to reduce discomfort and risk of injury. It can be used ad hoc or as a supportive training tool within a comprehensive ergonomic program. Use it for: employee training, ergonomic analysis, ergonomic program documentation and planning, or creating your ergonomics program.

By NexGen Ergonomics Inc. ErgoImager enables users to perform 3D biomechanical analysis from 2D images. 3D manikins are utilized with various techniques to superimpose the 3D manikin on a 2D digital image. The program automatically interfaces with the University of Michigan's 3D SSPP model.

By NexGen Ergonomics Inc. Suite of material handling analysis software modules includes NIOSH lifting equation, 2D biomechanics, energy expenditure, Snook tables and more.

By NexGen Ergonomics Inc. This suite of ergonomic analysis software modules enables users to incorporate video and photographic images from a variety of sources. The system features analysis tools, including biomechanics, 1991 NIOSH lifting equation and RULA. Users can purchase individual modules or the entire system. The modules allow users to digitize bitmapped images converted from video frames and other digital and scanned images.

Ergonomic Safety
By Business 21 Publishing. A desktop training program that in 35 minutes gives those responsible for safety supervision the information they need to help spot ergonomic problems ... and take steps to prevent the musculoskeletal disorders that often result.

Ergonomics Image Gallery Downloadable Version
By ErgoWeb, Inc. The Ergonomics Image Gallery contains over 400 computer generated images depicting anatomy, working postures, tasks and workplace settings. The images are for use in PowerPoint presentations, training materials, reports, and other instances where a good picture can speak a thousand words.

Ergopoint Office Suite
By Humantech, Inc. A Web-based ergonomics training, self-assessment, and management software that assists with identifying systematic changes in the office environment.

By Datachem Software, Inc. ErgoSmart is a low cost, self-paced, interactive and easy-to-use software training tool that teaches your employees how to work comfortably with their computers.

ErgoSuite Enterprise / ErgoEnterprise
By SmartErgo, Inc. SmartErgo's patented anti-injury ergonomic software ErgoEnterprise helps with computer injury risk management as well as increasing productivity of computer users.

By EssentialSkillz. ErgoWize is EssentialSkillz's online DSE software solution that enables organisations to deliver and manage Display Screen Equipment training & risk assessment(s) more effectively.

Ex3 Programs Management Module
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Programs Management Module enables the effective implementation of programs related to training, drug testing, audits, ISO certification, medical surveillance, surveys, ergonomics, etc. This module also provides the ability to manage repeating program cycles and update the status of those programs and related events.

By Hopkins Technology, LLC. Designed by a team of health care professionals, ExerciseBreak automatically reminds you to take a moment to stretch, relax, and perform a few simple stress-reducing exercises - right at your computer. Personalize the program to fit your needs. Focus on full-body relaxation and improved circulation, or give special attention to your fingers, wrists, shoulders, neck, back or legs. Avoid repetitive motion injuries, fatigue and increase your productivity. Schedule as many or as few pop-up breaks as you want. Cancel your break with the touch of a button. For Windows 3.1, 95+, or Macintosh. Site licensing available.

FirstNet Learning's Health and Safety Online Courses
By FirstNet Learning Inc. More than 100 health and safety courses on such topics as back injury prevention, chemical hazards, ergonomics, HAZWOPER, PPE, general safety, and much more.

Increasing Productivity and Profit through Health and Safety: The Financial Returns from a Safe Working Environment
By CRC Press LLC. Shows readers how they can use ergonomics to make money for their organizations. Richly illustrated with a range of case studies drawn from heavy industry, retail sales, hospitals, hotels, and call centers, the book outlines universal concepts that can be used in any workplace. Included with the book is a CD-ROM that contains a simple but sophisticated working cost-benefit analysis model. This model enables readers to input their own data, which will help them make the case for implementing workplace health, safety, and ergonomics programs. For the non-expert there is a chapter that explains economics concepts and models using 'non-economics' language.

JHA/Ergonomic Assessment Software
By STAR Consultants, Inc. A customized Microsoft Access database that documents, records and analyzes Job Hazard & Ergonomic Analysis. Hazard categories, PPE lists, controls are already pick listed and match up to OSHA Publication 3071. Reports can trend type of hazards by department, track action plans, etc.

Job Evaluator ToolBox (JET)
By ErgoWeb, Inc. ErgoWeb's "Job Evaluator ToolBox," or "JET" software supports ergonomic job analysis and design using recognized methods such as biomechanics, RULA, the Strain Index, the "Snook" tables from Liberty Mutual, the NIOSH Revised Lifting Equation, and metabolic analysis.

By NexGen Ergonomics Inc. ManneQuinPRO is a Windows-based human modeling and ergonomic design program. Equipped with a set of 2D/3D modeling and editing tools, the software features 3D humanoid figures for 11 populations and numerous percentiles and body types. The system is equipped with import/export tools to be used with graphics software such as Autodesk's AutoCAD and 3-D Studio Max. The software includes the revised NIOSH lifting equation, 3D biomechanical predictions, 5 levels of mannequin representation, frame-by-frame anaimation, and field-of-vision and reach cones.

Multimedia Video Task Analysis (MVTA)
By NexGen Ergonomics Inc. The software analyzes repetitive tasks that have been videotaped. The system enables users to obtain data on repetitions and time from videotape or AVI/MPEG files. Users can identify events interactively with the use of break points in the video record that identify the start and end of events. The video can be analyzed at any speed and in any sequence. The program also produces time study reports and computes frequency of occurrence for each event.

Office Ergonomics Software
By Remedy Interactive, Inc. Office Ergonomics Software is a web-based and desktop solution that allows you to identify and analyze employee risk, automate injury prevention activities, and determine the effectiveness of these activities on an ongoing basis. Made for office environments, Office Ergonomics Software allows you to scale your injury prevention program across multiple locations worldwide.

By Dyadem International Ltd. RiskSafe(tm) is a flexible software solution that helps to improve workplace health and safety by identifying potentially hazardous practices through various qualitative workplace risk assessment methodologies including Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Confined Space Analysis (CSA), and other qualitative workplace risk assessments for specific tasks or activities. RiskSafe's multi-functional capabilities assist with business case analysis, budget planning, investigations, business process analysis, documentation, and to define PPE requirements.

RPM (Risk Priority Management)
By Humantech, Inc. Helps drive your ergonomics process with simple risk assessments, analysis tools, and job improvement planning.

By Remedy Interactive, Inc. Remedy Interactive's RSIGuard for management of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) is desktop software for small and mid-sized organizations.

Stretch Break
By Para Technologies. Stretch Break is an ergonomic software program that helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) by gently reminding you to take periodic breaks while using your computer. Every 30 minutes (default) it asks your permission to show the stretches. Full-motion animated figures show you how. After a minute or two of stretching you are returned to your current Windows application.

By NexGen Ergonomics Inc. VATS supports human vibration analysis. It is available for either hand-arm or whole body analysis. Hand-arm vibration analysis is based on the ISO 5349 and ACGIH standard for hand arm vibration (HAV). Whole body vibration analysis is based on the ISO 2631-1, BS 6841, and ACGIH standard for whole body vibration (WBV).

Workstation Safety Plus
By Cardinus Ltd. An online office ergonomics solution designed to reduce computer related injuries, Workers' Compensation and absence costs. Includes risk assessments and exercises.

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