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Acuity-Based Staffing
By DTECH Computerists, Inc. The Acuity-Based Staffing HRST add-on allows for managers to predict staffing levels based on the HRST database: number of clients and their health risk levels. The staffing module will allow an administrator to determine the staffing levels, based on the HRST scoring, with the click of a mouse. The staffing add-on also allows a manager to predict staffing and budgetary salary costs for LPNs, RNs, Direct Care personnel, and Case Managers via the HRST database.

By Compliance Information Systems. Assistant has been designed to fulfill drug and alcohol testing requirements specified by the Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many of the nations most successful employers.

Assistant Pro Software
By Compliance Information Systems. Assistant Pro consists of a suite of tools that helps with drug and alcohol testing and background check program management. Developed specifically for TPAs, MROs, collectors and employee screening companies of all sizes.

Assure (formerly SHE)
By SHE Software Limited (formerly Lexware International Ltd). Assure, SHEŽ Software's online health and safety software lets all of your workforce report incidents, record hazards and view CoSHH, policy and guidance information through a simple safety portal. Make sure actions, tasks and information reviews are managed and completed on time with the integrated Action Manager and Review Scheduler, which includes email and SMS reminders and escalation.

By Business and Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR). BLR's toolkits and training DVDs cover a variety of safety and human resources topics.

BLR Webinars
By Business and Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR). BLR webinars deliver practical insights on critical issues in Human Resources, Compensation, and Environmental Health & Safety.

ClaimZone Enterprise
By MountainView Software Corp. Web-based claims management system.

ClaimZone Reporter
By MountainView Software Corp. ClaimZone Reporter (CZR) is a Web-based application for creating initial claim reports - no matter what type of claim you need to enter (including First Report of Injury and OSHA logs).

By Medgate UK Limited (formerly Tempus Computers Ltd.). Occupational health software that includes optional modules for incident tracking and COSHH.

DataPipe Occupational Health and Medical Modules
By Knorr Associates Inc. DataPipe Occupational Health and Medical Modules are part of the comprehensive DataPipe EH&S Software. You can purchase the entire system or individual modules. Health Modules include: Breathalyzer, Clinic Visits, ECG, Employee Assistance Plans, Employee/Patient Summary, Hematology, Immunizations, Job Profiles, Medical Restrictions, Medication, Musculoskeletal, Necrology, Physical Exam, Physical History, Progress Notes, Protocols, Radiation Scans, Referrals, Clinic Scheduling, Spirometry, Sputum Cytology, Treatment Plans, Urinalysis, Vision Screening, X-ray, Audiograms, Asbestos, Heat Stress, Injury & Illness, Noise Exposure, Respirator Fit, Workers Comp, and many more. It also includes modules for general activities such as Questionnaires and a Tickler/To-Do feature.

DrugPak Software Suite
By DrugPak LLC (formerly Scanlon Associates). Random selection of employees for drug and/or alcohol testing, record keeping, test notification letters, result letters, and statistical reports. Works for Drug Free Workplace programs and for Federally (DOT) mandated testing. 30-day trial version available.

Emotional Intelligence View 360
By Organizational Performance Dimensions. The validated Emotional Intelligence View 360 measures 17 critical competencies to help you to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions and behavior. The feedback report provides information on relationship management, self management, and communication competencies necessary for job success. Emotional Intelligence View 360 is designed for coaching, leadership, and professional development programs. The software was developed by Kenneth M. Nowack, Ph.D. who is psychologist and researcher in the area of 360 degree feedback, emotional intelligence, and occupational health. Dr. Nowack is a member in Daniel Goleman's Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations.

Employee Tracking (ET) System
By MicroNiche, Inc. ET is a fully integrated solution for tracking employee occupational health information. Issues tracked include Physicals, Exposures, Medical Surveillance, Immunizations, Training and Testing.

Enablon SD-SR
By Enablon. A software solution for collecting, reporting, and managing social data. Enablon SD-SR facilitates social reporting and enhances human resources management, including absenteeism and training.

Enterprise Compliance Management and Reporting System
By Applications International Corporation. The Enterprise Compliance Management and Reporting system is a suite of modules that support Enterprise Compliance Management (ECM), Enterprise Risk Management, and Sustainability Management. Modules include: Workers Compensation, Training Management, Injury Illness, JSA, Corrective Action Tracking, Fires, Spills, NOV/Agency Visits, Complaints, Audit Management, MSDS Management, Carbon Management etc.

ESOH OMS/Public Health Module
By Northrop Grumman. Part of ESOH-MIS. Maintains records of employee medical information. The menu includes screens where you record clinical test requirements based on a PEG, medical test and audiogram results, and medical testing requirements.

Ex3 Employee Management Module
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). Employee Management Module provides instant access to necessary personnel information. Employee records can be maintained through administrative login or integrated with your human resource system to eliminate redundant data entry and ensure accuracy of records.

FacTS Medical Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. FacTS Medical Tracking module was designed to comply with a number of regulatory programs including, but not limited to Respiratory Fit Test Exams, Hazardous Materials, Asbestos, Audiometric, and OSHA Injury-Illness activities.

Federal Claims Management System (FCMS)
By MicroNiche, Inc. Specifically designed to handle US FECA requirements (OWCP, COP, etc.) focused on Return-To-Work, OSHA Compliance, Case Management, and Analysis. Includes automated OSHA Log calculation.

Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST)
By DTECH Computerists, Inc. The HRST was developed to screen for health risks associated with disabilities such as those associated with aging, physical injury, developmental insult, or other conditions affecting an individual's ability to engage in functional activities. Part of the instrument examines the health risk associated with psychiatric or behavioral disorders, such as those resulting from the side-effects of drugs, self-injurious behavior, or restriction of movement.

By Safe@Work, Inc. HearSāf comprises a collection of software designed for total management of a Hearing Conservation Program (HCP), or Hearing Loss Prevention Program (HLPP). These computer applications will enable HCP administrators to collect and analyze audiograms, monitor noise exposure assessments, track HCP training progress, develop individual hearing and noise exposure histories, report STS incidence rates for program evaluation, plus much more.

Human Resources - Employee Information Data
By Occupational & Environmental Health Consulting Services, Inc. (OEHCS). This database tracks appropriate information on individual employees and emergency contact information for both large and small employers. Can be interfaced with payroll processing systems.

Industrial Hygiene Reporting
By Redshift Technologies, Inc. Tracks and relates medical records and exposure samples to identify trends and measure results of directives.

J.J. Keller's Alcohol & Drug Testing Software
By J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Organize, maintain and report your DOT alcohol & drug records (49 CFR Part 382). Comes pre-loaded with substance list, test type, sample type, and disposition list.

Keller-Soft Workers' Comp Manager plus OSHA 300 Recordkeeper
By J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Produces OSHA forms 300, 301 and 300A ... and state-specific First Report of Injury forms for all 50 states.

Medgate Case Management Suite
By Cority (formerly Medgate Inc.). This module of the Medgate Health and Safety Suite facilitates the organization of occupational and non-occupational disability cases. As a standalone product, or combined with the Medgate OH&S software, the user is able to manage and track information associated with each case. A unique number is assigned to each case that enables users to track every activity associated with that case, including information captured in the Clinic Visits module. The module interfaces with The Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), from the Work Loss Data Institute, which permits the assessment of disability durations by diagnoses/procedures.

Medgate Medical Suite
By Cority (formerly Medgate Inc.). Theses modules of the Medgate Health and Safety Software manage patient data for primary care visits, audiometric testing data, immunization and vision testing records, and clinical test results and include a scheduling system.

Medical Department Patient Records Database
By Occupational & Environmental Health Consulting Services, Inc. (OEHCS). This integrated software tracks patient visits, employee information, treatment, medical monitoring, audiograms, accident data, first report of injury, insurance forms, OSHA logs, etc. Because of its integrated format duplicate data input is elimated and consistent recordkeeping is achieved.

By Occupational Health Systems, Inc. MediTrax software provides data tracking and reporting for corporate "in-house" occupational health departments as well as "provider-based" occupational medicine clinics.

By ADE Incorporated. NEEDS is a 130-item adult assessment tool, addressing: attitude and emotional stability; employment, health, education; substance abuse using DSM-IV and ASAM guidelines; relationships and support system; and criminal history and supervision levels. It provides accurate information about the respondent and makes recommendations for intervention.

Parklane Health and Safety System
By Parklane Systems. The Parklane Health and Safety System is a fully integrated application comprised of various components for the respective disciplines involved in the administration of health, safety, and workplace issues. It includes modules for incident reporting, claims management, training scheduling, environmental impact, and event management.

By ProAct Safety (formerly IPTi). ProAct is a software application for the collection and analysis of behavioral observation data. ProAct provides tools to manage your behavior-based safety process. It is compatible with ALL behavior-based safety processes and DuPont STOP.

ProcessMAP Occupational Health Solutions
By ProcessMAP Corporation. Part of the ProcessMAP EH&S Information Management System. Available modules include: Industrial Hygiene Management and Medical Surveillance.

STIX Hospital Employee Health Package
By Integritas, Inc. This product is designed specifically to meet the health and safety needs of Hospital Employee Health departments, including as well Infection Control, Human Resources, and Risk Management departmental needs. The system tracks any immunization or surveillance item, including TB Skin testing, Hep B immunizations, titers, drug screens, etc. All departments in the hospital can share information, as a security function restricts access by role, function and field.

STIX Occupational Medicine
By Integritas, Inc. STIX Occupational Medicine Clinic package tracks and reports services offered to multiple employers from one or more treatment sites. This Practice Management product line includes employer protocol management, case management, random drug screen selection, billing and accounts receivable, scheduling, sales contact management, client profiling and multiple mail lists. The software provides extensive reporting capabilities for state required filings, employer clients and provider clinic management. Numerous equipment interfaces are also available.

Workers' Compensation Claims Management System (WCCMS)
By MicroNiche, Inc. WCCMS is a claims management system for employers who want to establish an effective cost control program focused on Early Return-To-Work and OSHA compliance.

WorkSafe Suite
By Linx/AS, LLC. WorkSafe Suite modules address specific industrial/occupational health scenarios, and each can be implemented separately. However, working together, the suite provides organizations with complementary functionality driven from SAP: WorkSafe HazCom (or hazardous substance control and e-procurement integration); WorkSafe Events (or first reporting (incident/accident & injury/illness), resolution, and risk management); and WorkSafe Claims (for enterprise case management of medical and insurance claims).

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