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DataPipe Environment and Waste Modules
By Knorr Associates Inc. DataPipe Environment and Waste Modules are part of the comprehensive DataPipe EH&S Software. You can purchase the entire system or individual modules. Environmental Modules include: Air Pollution, Emission Source Tests, Form R, Lab Packs, MSDS Generation, NPDES, Ozone Depleting Substances/CFCs, PCB Inventory & Containers, Process Models, Responsible Care, Storage Tanks, Tank Activity, TSCA, Waste Characterization, Waste Receiving, Waste Shipping, Waste Storage, Waste Treatment/Recovery, List of Lists, Permit History, Project Management, Spill Calculator, and Water Quality. It also includes modules for general activities such as Questionnaires and a Tickler/To-Do feature.

By HighPoint Software Services, Inc. The DMR-Calc system tracks wastewater discharge information for various outfalls at a site. The system allows the user to customize the parameters that are measured by each outfall as well as electronically import chemical analysis data from the larboratory. The discharge monitoring report that is generated is in the format required for submittal by your state agency.

By IntelliSys Inc. E-DMR is an XML document exchange software. It helps automate your data management and automatically fill in the Wisconsin DNR E-DMR XML document.

e3 EMIS Water Module
By e3 Solutions, Inc. e3 EMIS provides full support for water/wastewater sampling and protection programs. Improve and simplify processes such as tracking discharge points, sampling points and monitoring parameters; water sampling/management cost tracking; and preparation of discharge monitoring and compliance reports.

By emLine, a ProjectLine Solutions Company. emLine is a suite of software solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of your EH&S operation. Features include data management, programs management, and compliance management. Manages data for water, soil, solid wastes, biological resources, atmospheric conditions, facility inspections, and geotechnical and hydrogeological instrumentation.

Environmental Performance Management Solution (EPMS)
By Verisae, Inc. EPMS is not only concerned with supply chain resource or carbon emissions management. It also addresses the wider issues of sustainable planning and design, waste reduction and water management. The Solution includes Carbon Emissions Manager, Sustainability Project Manager, Site Compliance Manager, Water Manager, Waste Manager, and Refrigerant Gas Manager.

By Envirochem Management Systems Inc. ePAS (Permit Administration System) offers management of all permitting required for a single and/or multiple sites, as well as for multi-effluent discharges. ePAS is designed to provide complete control of the process of acquiring permits for all regulatory agencies. It provides information about the application status and data about environmental monitoring. It also generates comprehensive reports including all environmental discharge data. This software can be used by corporations or regulatory agencies.

EPOCH Source Monitoring Modules
By Logical Data Solutions, Inc. These modules of EPOCH environmental data management software include Permit and Action Items Tracking, Water Sampling, Air Emissions, LDAR, Ground Water Monitoring, Events Tracking, and Industrial Hygiene.

FacTS Emission and Effluent Management Module
By Quantum Compliance. This module provides users with the tools needed to estimate air and water emissions and to prepare necessary permits. Automatic notification flags advise users if permit conditions are likely to be exceeded, and warn users if they are out of compliance.

FacTS Inspection Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. This FacTS module allows for the building, recording, and documenting of on-site inspections of equipment and locations. The user defines inspection parameters, builds the survey forms, and tracks and stores inspection records and findings. This module is designed to interface with the Standard Operating Procedures module, allowing the user to automatically schedule inspections.

FacTS Permit Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. Using this module, the user builds and maintains tables describing an unlimited number of permit types, issuing agencies, issued dates, expiration dates, renewal dates, permit conditions, and required tests to meet permit conditions. Any out-of-permit conditions are noted, and the user is alerted to these at the time of sign-on.

FirstCarbon Solutions DMR Software
By FirstCarbon Solutions, Inc. Track wastewater compliance and improve the accuracy of your discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

Hach Water Information Management Solution (Hach WIMS) (formerly OPS SQL)
By Hach Company (formerly American Sigma Inc.). Hach Water Information Management Solution (Hach WIMS) software is designed to make it easy to create your regulatory reports and to optimally manage your operations. Its streamlined reporting, user-defined alerts, powerful charting, graphing and mapping tools help you make more informed decisions. Hach WIMS is configurable to your organization.

IHS Essential Water
By IHS ESS. Helps you achieve, maintain and demonstrate compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Essential Water tracks your permit requirements or internal guidelines, calculates pollutant quantity at each discharge point, and compares the results to the specified limits. Simply enter your wastewater and stormwater discharge permit limits and day-to-day sampling data, and Essential Water does the rest. A module of the company's Essential Suite EH&S management information system.

Intelex Wastewater Reporting Module
By Intelex Technologies Inc. Intelex has developed the Wastewater Reporting Module to enable industrial and municipal facilities to effectively manage Permits, Discharge Points, Parameters and Samples.

Methods and Guidance for the Analysis of Water
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This CD-ROM from the EPA's Office of Water lets you search, print and display the full text of more than 500 EPA wastewater and drinking water methods and guidance documents. Additionally, the CD-ROM contains the full text of all EPA methods approved for compliance monitoring at 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 136 and 141 including the 500-, 600- and 1600-series methods and a complete version of the March 1983 revision of Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Waste (MCAWW). The Office of Water CD-ROM identifies which methods are approved at 40 CFR parts 136 and 141 for wastewater and drinking water compliance monitoring.

MIRS Clean Water Act / NPDES Compliance Modules
By A V Systems, Inc. Tracks water permits, discharges and pollutant limits. Maintains parameter limit and discharge monitoring data for compliance with the CWA reporting requirements. Generates discharge monitoring reports (DMRs).

NPDES Monthly Reports
By Occupational & Environmental Health Consulting Services, Inc. (OEHCS). This database tracks NPDES reporting data and generates the form for monthly reporting.

Operator10 Water Data Management
By AllMax Software, Inc. The Operator10 water data management module enables you to manage, compare and track weather, utility costs and water data: surface water, ground water, drinking water, wastewater, and process flows. Use Operator10 to enter site names, numbers, locations, frequency, permit limits, federal and state standards, water sampling data electronically or manually, or download data from a handheld field unit. Available calculations include loadings, removals, backwash rates, filter and hydraulic rates.

By IHS ESP (Environmental Software Providers). opsWater produces state DMRs, NPDES reports, manages water compliance efforts, tracks permit information and calculations, and provides document management.

regAction webDMR
By regAction Inc. (formerly International Environmental Associates, Inc. (IEA)). The regAction (webDMR) helps organizations standardize activities by providing tools to manage facility water data from collecting laboratory analytical data to providing necessary calculations for regulatory agencies. The module enables users to efficiently implement, track, and report water activity across the entire organization.

regAction webWMS
By regAction Inc. (formerly International Environmental Associates, Inc. (IEA)). The regAction Waste Management Module (webWMS) helps organizations standardize activity by providing adaptable tools to manage facility waste data from calculations methodologies to site specific or enterprise wide chemical databases to commonly used transporters, storage or disposal facilities. The module enables users to efficiently implement, track and report water activity across the entire organization.

SPCC Report Generator
By AEEC. Automated web-based Spill Prevention Control and Coutermeasures (SPCC) report generator. Qualified and designed by practicing environmental professionals and scientists. Software can be custom made for industry specific requirements.

By BEM Systems, Inc. STOICS (Storage Tank Operation Inventory and Compliance System) manages data for underground storage tanks (USTs), aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and piping systems. STOICS includes an embedded GIS module that lets you see where the issues are as well as what they are.

By CarteGraph Systems, Inc. NPDES permits require municipal storm sewer systems to implement best management practices to insure the quality of surface ground runoff. STORMview is specifically designed for managing storm sewer systems that need to comply with regulations like the new EPA policy.

SWMP Compliance
By Hellman & Associates, Inc. (aka EHScompliance.com). SWMP Compliance is a software solution that automates each step in the stormwater inspection management process. The electronic documentation also allows for data analysis, trending reports, electronic signatures, and archiving.

Synexus Pretreatment
By AllMax Software, Inc. Synexus is a data management tool for accepting, monitoring or regulating industrial flows and generating reports. Maintain detailed information, including permit numbers, dates, fees, FOG data, and contacts with details. Categorical, non-categorical and industrial programs can also be tracked. Production information can be added from a list of NAICS/SIC codes, which is provided with the program. Additional information can be entered, such as raw materials used, number of employees, days worked, water usage, sewer and water accounts.

The Enviance System
By Enviance, Inc. The Enviance Internet-based solution allows users to organize environmental, health and safety reporting data in one place. It helps with GHG and Carbon Accounting, Sustainability and CSR, Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Health & Safety, and Enterprise Performance Management. Enviance will store your data, creating a centralized data management platform, adding consistency and integrity to data sets. Enviance’s feature-rich tool kit and built-out templates allow you to manage your complex environmental, health and safety obligations, such as greenhouse gas, NPDES, Title V, RCRA, TRI, and OSHA. The Enviance SaaS platform has a built-in flexible reporting mechanism, which enables the generation of standardized and customized reports.

Wastewater and Water Quality Compliance
By CCH, INCORPORATED. Designed to meet the needs of professionals, Wastewater and Water Quality Compliance delivers expert, thorough analysis of CWA/SDWA issues as regulated by the EPA. It provides detailed regulatory analysis articles, court case descriptions and agency guidance documents, all linked back to source material, including Federal Register documents and the full text of related regulations.

By C-K Associates LLC. Meet the monitoring & reporting requirements of the General NPDES Permit for the Outer Continental Shelf. Compares monitoring results to permit limitations and notifies you of exceedances. Calculates monthly averages. Provides statistical summaries of monitoring results and limitation exceedances in tabular and graphical layouts. Submit your DMRs electronically.

By WaterTrax. WaterTrax online services are designed to manage the information associated with the monitoring, compliance, and operation of water-related infrastructure systems, including drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater. Drinking Water Parameter Database available to customers.

For a directory of free Clean Water Compliance Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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