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FacTS Inspection Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. This FacTS module allows for the building, recording, and documenting of on-site inspections of equipment and locations. The user defines inspection parameters, builds the survey forms, and tracks and stores inspection records and findings. This module is designed to interface with the Standard Operating Procedures module, allowing the user to automatically schedule inspections.

FacTS Permit Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. Using this module, the user builds and maintains tables describing an unlimited number of permit types, issuing agencies, issued dates, expiration dates, renewal dates, permit conditions, and required tests to meet permit conditions. Any out-of-permit conditions are noted, and the user is alerted to these at the time of sign-on.

Hach Water Information Management Solution (Hach WIMS) (formerly OPS SQL)
By Hach Company (formerly American Sigma Inc.). Hach Water Information Management Solution (Hach WIMS) software is designed to make it easy to create your regulatory reports and to optimally manage your operations. Its streamlined reporting, user-defined alerts, powerful charting, graphing and mapping tools help you make more informed decisions. Hach WIMS is configurable to your organization.

ICR Laboratory Quality Control (QC) Database System
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). The ICR Laboratory QC Database System is a PC-based Microsoft Access runtime application developed to validate data supplied by large water utilities in accordance with the requirements of the Information Collection Rule. 1997.

InfoWater LDM
By Innovyze (formerly MWH Soft). InfoWater LDM is a tool to identify all leaks in the distribution system and meet federal water conservation mandates. It uses the industry standard step-test network modeling method that narrows down leaks to specific pipe sections of the distribution system.

InfoWater SLM
By Innovyze (formerly MWH Soft). InfoWater SLM (Sensor Location Manager) helps you identify the most effective sensor locations for monitoring water quality compliance and water supply protection. InfoWater SLM provides a fully automated approach to generate solutions for the location and placement of monitoring stations according to different objectives and multiple scenarios, and evaluate and compare their trade-offs.

Methods and Guidance for the Analysis of Water
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This CD-ROM from the EPA's Office of Water lets you search, print and display the full text of more than 500 EPA wastewater and drinking water methods and guidance documents. Additionally, the CD-ROM contains the full text of all EPA methods approved for compliance monitoring at 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 136 and 141 including the 500-, 600- and 1600-series methods and a complete version of the March 1983 revision of Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Waste (MCAWW). The Office of Water CD-ROM identifies which methods are approved at 40 CFR parts 136 and 141 for wastewater and drinking water compliance monitoring.

By AllMax Software, Inc. For operations data management for over 20 years. Has been used in over 2000 treatment facilities of all sizes around the world.

Wastewater and Water Quality Compliance
By CCH, INCORPORATED. Designed to meet the needs of professionals, Wastewater and Water Quality Compliance delivers expert, thorough analysis of CWA/SDWA issues as regulated by the EPA. It provides detailed regulatory analysis articles, court case descriptions and agency guidance documents, all linked back to source material, including Federal Register documents and the full text of related regulations.

By Accelrys Inc. (formerly ChemSW, Inc.). For engineers and operators involved in water treatment, Water!Pro helps you respond to varying initial water quality conditions, assist engineers in designing new or retrofitted water treatment plants, aid plant managers in conducting economic evaluations of alternative chemical treatment options, and can be used by Federal, State, and County engineers and health officials in providing technical assistance to public water systems. Water!Pro evaluates water characteristics and models various chemical treatment(s) as they apply to processes such as corrosion control, coagulation/flocculation, disinfection, etc.

By WaterTrax. WaterTrax online services are designed to manage the information associated with the monitoring, compliance, and operation of water-related infrastructure systems, including drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater. Drinking Water Parameter Database available to customers.

For a directory of free Safe Drinking Water Compliance Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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