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Annual Webcast Subscription
By Environmental Resource Center. Attend all environmental and safety training webcasts we offer for one full year. Environmental Resource Center offers 23 webcasts and periodically adds new courses.

AWWA eLearning
By American Water Works Association. More than 35 self-paced courses in water operations, occupational safety, human resources, and environmental compliance can be started at any time and completed anywhere. And with 90 days to finish, you have ample time to study the modules and take the exams.

AWWA Webcast Program
By American Water Works Association. AWWA uses the power of the Internet to deliver timely information on drinking water related issues directly to your desktop! Webcasting involves the transmission of live audio and PowerPoint presentations to personal computers connected to the Internet. Usually 90 minutes in length, webcasts generally include 3-4 presentations from leading experts in the drinking water industry and a question and answer session.

By CertainTech Corporation. BIO1D simulates the transport of organics in saturated porous media. The primary objective was to provide an interactive user-friendly microcomputer software package to serve as an educational tool in understanding the relative importance of various physicochemical and biochemical processes. Originally developed by GeoTrans, Inc., BIO1d is now owned and updated by CertainTech.

BLR Webinars
By Business and Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR). BLR webinars deliver practical insights on critical issues in Human Resources, Compensation, and Environmental Health & Safety.

CME (Comprehensive Groundwater Monitoring Evaluation) Inspection Training System
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). The CME Inspection Training System is an interactive computer-based guide to planning, conducting, and documenting groundwater monitoring system inspections. The course focuses on groundwater monitoring policy and regulations rather than the technical aspects of groundwater monitoring. Narration, graphics, and text are used to present the groundwater monitoring regulations in 40 CFR Parts 264 and 265 and the procedures for planning an inspection, reviewing groundwater monitoring documents, conducting a site visit, and writing a CME inspection report. An on-line glossary and an indexed Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR Parts 264 and 265) are included in the course. 1996.

Convergence Courses
By Capstone Technology. Courses in the Convergence Course Library cover are designed to help train your workers on key safety topics. Each course is correlated to regulatory or safety measures created by OSHA, the EPA, or other safety organizations. Convergence courses feature 3-D visual animations that bring difficult materials to life and assessments that measure your employee's understanding of the material.

DuPont eLearning Suite
By DuPont Sustainable Solutions (formerly Coastal Training Technologies Corporation). The DuPont™ eLearning Suite is a comprehensive online training solution. The platform incorporates advanced training technologies to help you manage your employee training from start to finish, simplifying and streamlining the process. More than 1,400 training titles are available in 20 languages, including online compliance training and online ethics training. Suite components include the Learning Management System (LMS), Interactive Courseware, Authoring Tool, Contractor Tracking System and Technical Reference System.

By Keika Ventures, LLC. Offers a catalog of online courses on topics related to the environment, health & safety.

Environmental Training Library on CD-ROM
By Business and Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR). Includes a library of prewritten materials such as PowerPoint presentations and regulatory information. Helps you identify the environmental, DOT, and OSHA regulations and training requirements that apply to hazardous substances, material, or procedure used in your company. Delivers prewritten training plans that comply with EPA, DOT, and OSHA requirements. Provides workers with reproducible handouts that reinforce critical hazmat issues and safety procedures after the training is complete. Keeps you alert to revisions and changes to 29 CFR, 40 CFR, and 49 CFR that affect your company.

ERC Training
By Environmental Resource Center. Environmental Resource Center offers environmental and safety training options to meet your needs. Classes are presented at convenient locations across the country, and live webcasts provide an opportunity to learn without having to travel. All of our classes and webcasts can be tailored to meet your site’s needs and be delivered at your facility. Subscriptions available.

By Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. GPS-X has been marketed for more than 10 years worldwide and is used in more than 40 countries. Rather than use a spreadsheet to calculate wastewater treatment plant designs or performance, GPS-X is built for this purpose. It provides process engineers with a tool to assess plant capacity, process optimization, operational strategies, bottlenecks. It helps with the "what-if" questions. Full dynamic and steady-state simulation provided. Hundreds of process models are included. Build your own plant of unlimited complexity on screen, then simulate its operation. Used for operator training as well as engineering analysis.

Interactive CD-ROM Safety Courses
By MARCOM Group, Ltd. MARCOM's Safety, Health, Laboratory and Regulatory Compliance Interactive CD-ROM Courses provides training that is available on individual PCs, Intranets or company computer labs... on demand... any time... and at workers own pace. CD-ROM training increases information retention by directly involving employees in the learning process. They can... "See" ... "Hear" ... and "Touch" ... their training material.

Internet-Based Training Resource Center
By J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Offers training courses on workplace safety, transport, construction, hazmat, human resources, and environmental topics ... with dozens of program titles to choose from.

Legal Compliance Education: Environmental Health and Safety Curriculum
By Syntrio. The Environmental Health and Safety Curriculum of online courses helps protect employees and the environment while helping companies meet regulatory requirements, control loss, and manage risk more effectively. Each course covers the essentials of the topic in a concise and efficient 45 to 60 minute format. Topics include Environmental Management Systems, Chemical Safety, Hazardous Waste Management, Preventing Workplace Violence, Design for Environment, Bloodborne Pathogens, Confined Spaces, Respiratory Protection, Lab Safety, DOT Shipping, Incident Command, and many more.

MARCOM Online Training
By MARCOM Group, Ltd. More than 100 video-rich, interactive courses via the Internet on General Safety, Laboratory Safety, Regulatory Compliance, and HAZWOPER.

MSHA Training Online
By Vivid Learning Systems, Inc. Mine safety training, including many environmental, health and safety courses.

OverNite Software CBT Course Libraries
By OverNite Software, Inc. (OSI). OverNite Software maintains an extensive library of courses applicable to a variety of industries. All courses are delivered as computer-based training (CBT) and are available in LMS, LAN and Web formats. Courses are available for environmental, health and safety, HAZWOPER, chemical facility security, and more.

PreventionLink Training Management
By TargetSafety. The PreventionLink Training Management Module schedules, manages, and documents all desired employee training and allows organizations to immediately deliver any message across the organization. It also provides a library of environmental, occupational health, general safety, and human resources training courses in both English and Spanish languages.

Process Videos
By Communication Arts Multimedia, Inc. Videos of wastewater treatment processes including the activated sludge process and the anaerobic sludge digestion process.

By The CMOOR Group. SecurityCEU offers a catalog of online environmental, health and safety courses covering a wide range of topics.

SkillSoft Environmental Safety and Health Course Collection
By SkillSoft (formerly GoTrain.net, LLC). More than 120 online courses created for the production worker cover issues across pressing compliance subjects for today's organization such as OSHA, EPA and DOT hazardous materials.

SmartPros Engineering Education
By SmartPros Ltd. (formerly KeepSmart Engineering and Virtual Education Corporation). Whether you are preparing for an engineering exam, like the FE Exam or the PE Exam; developing your skill in Project Management, or sharpening your technical skills in any number of areas, SmartPros has the engineering specific courses for you or your firm. Partners, such as ASCE, NSPE, ACEC, and other organizations, engineering firms and instructors help provide the content. Most courses are approved for PDH credit (or PDU Credit) for continuing education. Topics include stormwater, wetlands, and safety.

Summit EH&S Training Products
By Summit Training Source, Inc. A comprehensive library of over 600 environmental, health and safety training programs includes video, digital, CD-ROM, print and online formats. Categories include Chemical Safety, Driver Safety, Energy, Environmental, Ergonomics, General Safety, Industrial Equipment, and Supervisory/Behavior.

Summit TrainingWeb
By Summit Training Source, Inc. Summit Trainingweb® combines Summit's proven content with video, state-of-art graphics and animation, along with narration, to effectively train workers. Summit Trainingweb® programs incorporate the latest adult learning theories and interactivity to increase comprehension of necessary environmental, health, and safety information.

Vivid Learning Systems Courses
By Vivid Learning Systems, Inc. Course topics include OSHA compliance, transportation, environmental, and food safety.

Wastewater Operator Training
By Communication Arts Multimedia, Inc. The Layton Wastewater Operator course is a multimedia training system and features theory and training from entry level through advanced level wastewater. Available online or on CD.

Water Operator Training
By Communication Arts Multimedia, Inc. The Layton Water Operator course is a multimedia training system and features theory and training from entry level water through advanced level. Available online or on CD.

For a directory of free Water Training Courses, check out EHSfreeware.

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